This smudging tool is made with pine and seasonal botanicals instead of traditional sage. The combination of the pine and seasonal herbs and flowers along with the crystals create the same intention while respecting closed practices. In the happiness bundle we included small pieces of moonstone along with a triple moon goddess charm to provide you the tools to help connect yourself to the power and grace of the moon.


The Moon Dust Botanical Bundle is amazing for:

-Cleansing away negativity 

-Recharging energy
-New/Full Moon rituals
-Amplify intuition
-Connect and align with the natural rhythm of the moon

Cleanse away what is no longer serving you, create a new ritual, or add to your existing rituals to help aid you in your intentions. Get creative and use these Botanical Bundles however and whenever you feel lead to.

Note: Do not leave burning and unattended. 

Moon Dust Botanical Bundle

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  • Moon Dust Botanical Bundle 

    Herbs:  Pine and Seasonal Botanicals

    Crystal: Moonstone