Palo Santo is a different type of smudging tool that has been around for centuries. This ethically sourced wood is a great alternative to a sage bundle. The Aura bundle comes with Citrine, lemon slices and peony to brighten and inspire your space and cleanse your aura of negativity. Please do not burn the inclusions, just the palo santo. The inclusions are meant to be placed in satchel and held nearby to manifest the intention. 


The Core Cleanse Palo Santo Bundle is amazing for:

-Cleansing away negativity 

-Recharging your energy
-Resetting your aura 
-Connect and align with your center 

Cleanse away what is no longer serving you, create a new ritual, or add to your existing rituals to help aid you in your intentions. Get creative and use these Palo Santo Bundles however and whenever you feel lead to.

Note: Do not leave burning and unattended. 

Core Cleanse Palo Santo Bundle

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  • Core Cleanse Palo Santo Bundle 

    Herbs:  Palo Santo, Lemon Slices, and Peony

    Crystal: Citrine