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lighting your path 




Each candle and crystal were handpicked and placed with the intention of embodying the vibrations and traits the spring and summer season have to offer- warmth, joy abundance, and growth. 

Grounded, Flourish, and Rise were all poured during the moon that serves its intention best.

Each scent profile was handpicked for that specific intention and tie well into the overall aura this candle can provide you.


The luxury editions, all three will be available for a limited time, online only.

Raised Vibes A.jpg

the raised VIBES care set

Give yourself a positive boost by raising your vibrations. Everything about this care set will help you put higher vibe manifestations into the universe, what energy you put out is the energy you receive back. Included across all care set elements you'll find quartz and hibiscus to wake your senses in a positive light. The rose quartz helps you manifest self-love, constantly giving out positive vibrations to promote happiness and positivity. Poured during a new moon to bring forth fully charged energies.

Naturally magical

Triple Wick Goddess is 100% handcrafted, everything is meant to bring positive energy, raised vibrations, and a little bit of magic. Every candle and body care product is created with full focus on its specific intention or manifestation. Come share the magic with us!

Steamers Multi E.jpg

“I bought this for a friend and she LOVED it! The candle looks and smells beautiful, and handwriting the gift note I submitted was a great personal touch! They could have printed it on generic card stock but I really appreciate taking the extra time to do that. I definitely would buy a candle from here again!”



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