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lighting your path 


Our favorites

the Pisces candle

The limited-edition Zodiac Collection is here! Get into the spirit of the zodiac with our Pisces candles made with all natural and locally sourced ingredients to encompasses what it means to be a Pisces. As a water sign, Pisces tend to be friendly, selfless, and intuitive. Since they are a mutable sign, they can adapt easily to different people and situations, making them very empathetic to the needs of others. This one-time collection is only here for 2022 so make sure you check them out!

Piece of Honeycomb

aura cleansing bundle

Feeling a little dull? Tired? Worn out? Sometimes you need to cleanse your spirit and rejuvenate your aura in order to bring your vibes back into the spotlight. The Aura Cleansing bundle will help you do just that. It comes with the Aura Cleansing honey soap and soak, the Aura Cleansing candle and palo santo bundle. Each item is meant to clarify and purify your body, mind, spirit, and space. This is the perfect collection to give yourself the love and care you deserve this New Year.

Naturally magical

Triple Wick Goddess is 100% handcrafted, everything is meant to bring positive energy, raised vibrations, and a little bit of magic. Every candle and body care product is created with full focus on its specific intention or manifestation. Come share the magic with us!


“I bought this for a friend and she LOVED it! The candle looks and smells beautiful, and handwriting the gift note I submitted was a great personal touch! They could have printed it on generic card stock but I really appreciate taking the extra time to do that. I definitely would buy a candle from here again!”