A story of pure magick

Meet jocelyn

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Hi! I’m Jocelyn, an eclectic, crystal collecting, herb growing, moon gazing witch. I have been pouring candles for a few wonderful years and manifesting my intentions for much longer. It was only natural to bring both passions together in Triple Wick Goddess. I started my creative journey as a acrylic painter in the fine arts world but I ultimately found it unfulfilling. I enjoy anything that allows me to alter emotion through visuals. I also find it extra rewarding if I can engage multiple senses, which is how I found my way into candle making. I look at each of my spell candles, soaps, or soaks as an art. I like to live by keeping things in harmony and being grateful to nature for what it provides me and the universe. I believe in doing good to receive good in return and that’s what I hope to provide. I have big dreams for the future of Triple Wick Goddess, as a community where everyone’s path is supported, promoting your manifestations and spiritual needs. I hope your time here is magical and enlightening!

Triple Wick goddess

Triple Wick Goddess was launched December 2020 following a lot of determination and a little bit of magick. Jocelyn set out with an idea to bring herb and moon magick to friends and family, from there it blossomed. What started as a personal way to manifest and set intentions has turned into a local metaphysical shop favorite.
Every candle and body care collection is created with full focus on its specific intention or manifestation. Every candle is poured during the most impactful corresponding moon, with herbs and botanicals to accompany the candles needs, a crystal to enforce vibrations, and scented oils to raise the purpose. A hell of a lot of the right energy goes into each and every candle, soap or soak made. Each individual candle component is smudge cleansed before pouring and after each small batch is complete, they are smudged again and charged for maximum impact.
Triple Wick Goddess is 100% handcrafted items, each meant to bring positive energy, raised vibrations, and a little bit of magick.